Her Desperate Gamble, Wicked Women Book 1

Eliza Knight
Annabelle Weston

Nathan Bender is a man whose soul demands vengeance. After finding his brutally slaughtered family in their own home, he makes it his mission to find the men responsible and return the favor and kill them — a life for a life. 

Saloon dolly, O’Dell Murphy is unhappy in her life. Thinking she has found the man of her dreams, she is flabbergasted to discover he is just another lowlife male. Not only that, he has stolen her life savings! When Nathan hits town and discovers that O'Dell's wayward fiancé is also the man he is looking for, O'Dell sends him on a fool’s errand so she can deliver her brand of retribution to the man she trusted. 

Unlikely allies on a journey to seek justice, Nathan and O’Dell become a fearsome duo. The pair have a variety of adventures, some rather humorous. Ms. Knight and Ms. Weston have developed two brilliant, charismatic characters that leap off the pages. The banter between them is deftly written and brings the story to life. The plot is clear and progresses smoothly for the most part; only a few tumbleweeds interrupt the path, among them too  much attention paid to the emotional conflicts that each character is fighting to resolve, which becomes annoying. Fortunately, the characters find a resolution to their conflicts and the action swings into high gear, bringing the story to a delightful conclusion. "Her Desperate Gamble" is a winning start to the Wicked Women series.

Penelope Anne Bartotto