Helpless Hearts


Julianna Rogers grew up loving only one man, Noah Sinclair, but he left when she was sixteen never to be seen again.  Since, Julianna has filled her life with medicine, at great risk to her reputation. Her engagement to the town’s sheriff is all that allows her that respectability.  So, when Noah suddenly turns up again and takes the job as deputy, Julianna’s well ordered existence is thrown to the wind.
Noah Sinclair planned on courting Julianna but when his father was gunned down, life changed. After seeking vengeance against the murderers and serving in the war, he accepted a job as a gun-for-hire, which hardened and changed him.  This is his chance at respectability.  That’s why he must put the beautiful Julianna out of his thoughts.  She’s now engaged to his boss and best friend.  But can a love that runs this deep be denied?
 “Helpless Hearts”  is a historical Western that grabs one’s attention from the very first page and is filled with all the action, angst and adventure any wild west fan could crave!  Julianna is a woman struggling in a male profession, Noah is a good man struggling to stay out of a bad profession.  Both are sympathetic characters that grip the heart.  There are numerous times, however, when their actions seem inconsistent to their characters and the era they live within.  The back-story, which plays a large role in their decisions, is also sparse. With such little background the reader is not allowed to really empathize with the choices made that shape their story.   Still, the writing is fast-paced and the reading is fun!  An easy escape into the wild west.
Ruth Lynn Ritter