A Hellish Highlander


When his father is murdered, warrior Kieran is determined to find the killer and exact revenge. Even at the risk of losing his own life, he sets out to track his enemy but ends up unexpectedly encountering a familiar face that could ruin all his plans. When village girl Gisela happens upon the same handsome man who insulted her, she is forced to ask for his help. Unbeknownst to them, such a simple action will wreak havoc on their lives. When Gisela goes missing, Kieran once again faces the anguish of losing someone he loves. 

“A Hellish Highlander” is a riveting read filled with strong yet tender men and the equally formidable and compassionate women who capture their hearts. The synopsis does a poor job at conveying all the content this novel holds in its short length, as there are multiple characters the author switches between, each with their own stories, personalities, and struggles. Every new story arc is just as engaging as the last, yet the overall plot never feels overwhelmed even if it is hard sometimes to keep all the family relations straight. The novel does have some redundant, inconsistent, and confusing passages, forcing the reader to reread them. This never truly takes away from the enjoyment of the story, however. One could complain the novel does not know when to end as there are numerous spots the author could have finished, and it still would have felt like a complete, satisfying story. Ultimately, “A Hellish Highlander” is a delightful novel with an engrossing story and endearing characters!

Arec Rain