The Hellion is Tamed - League of Lords, Book 4


PARANORMAL: As a young lad, Simon falls for a time-traveling girl. When she mysteriously disappears, he enlists aid from supernatural friends and spends years searching for her. Emma travels through time to visit Simon many times until she finds him in the arms of another woman! Heartbroken she returns to her own time 80 years in the past where she lives in reckless squalor, unaware Simon’s research shows her in mortal danger. When he arrives in her time to rescue her, they discover she’s hunted by a time-travel enforcer determined she should return to the past. Desperate to keep Emma safe and in the present, Simon once again enlists help from his league of powerful friends. However the guise used to explain Emma’s existence may mean the two of them cannot be together.

"The Hellion is Tamed" is a seductive romance with rule-breaking supernaturals! Brave, protective men and courageous, sharp-witted women flow from the pages like smooth, aged whiskey readers will savor sip by sip. Simon and Emma's passionate chemistry is too strong to ignore as it burns with longing and undeniable attraction. Friends are steadfast and true in their willingness to help Simon rescue Emma from a terrible fate. Landscapes encountered in the past, present, and future hold few details, so time travel is sometimes a bit foggy. Readers may also find the villain's brief appearances tame, but he serves as the predictable danger from which the hellion must be saved. Ms. Sumner delivers a unique tale rampant with desire, hints of the supernatural, and a dusting of danger that will delight the senses for an enjoyable read.

Tonya Mathenia