Heirs of Falcon Point

Traci Hunter Abramson, Sian Ann Bessey,
Paige Edwards, and A.L. Sowards

It was the early days of World War II, and Leopold Lang had a choice to make. Austria was under the control of Nazis, and he is a widower with three young children. He and his son stashed the family wealth and prepared to flee Austria. Tragedy unfolds and the children are separated, each beginning anew in different countries, and each believing the others perished. Eighty years later one descendant from each sibling comes together at Falcon Point—the Austrian home of their ancestors. While it is unforeseen prospects that bring Anna, Tess, and Cole to Falcon Point, they soon learn another claimant seeks to destroy the Lang family for good, someone also connected to the original owners of the estate.

Riveting, suspenseful and full of lots of unexpected turns! This is a strongly written story reminiscent of the von Trapp family fleeing Austria from the Third Reich, with countless twists and turns before dropping the reader into the present day where descendants try to unravel the myths and mysteries. It is captivating from the very first page and holds readers attention until the end. The book is creative and historically accurate. Pacing could have been tighter and sometimes repetitive dialogue bogged scenes down. This could almost be considered a military story as well, but certainly not much of a romance. While the cousins had romantic interests, they never showed on-page displays of affection.  With so many hopefuls expecting to inherit the opulent estate, who is the rightful heir of Falcon Point?

Emerson Matthews