The Heiress Effect


Miss Jane Fairfield’s reputation precedes her. There is not a person in the ton who has not heard of the loud, overly brash social misfit of an heiress!  What does society do with her?   Jane is only too aware of the jokes, derision and utter contempt she elicits, how can she not?  She intentionally encourages it.  Little do they know, however, that this behavior is her only hope of staying single and saving her sister from the horrors their unfeeling uncle inflicts.

Mr. Oliver Marshall knows what it’s like to be made fun of and looked down upon.  As the bastard son of a duke, he has spent his life on the edges.  Now he is determined to rise above and give voice to those who need it.  The problem is, to do this, he must humiliate Jane Fairfield and he’s not sure he has the heart to do it, especially since she is slowly stealing it.


It is a truly gifted author who can take the very best characters and imbue them with just enough guile to render them unsavory, then take the very worst characters and endow them with just enough humanity to require compassion.  Ms. Milan is the master!   From Jane’s heart-rending inadequacies that she covers with determination to Oliver’s sensitivity that he ruthlessly ignores, this story will pull every ounce of angst out. The storyline is both unique and common, even the small glitches one may find are so well explained as to render them unnecessary.  Perfectly written, beautifully told.


TJ Mackay