An Heiress in Disguise (The Royal Family Book 4)


If Miss Philomena Aubrey is going to wed, then she will wed for love! She refuses to be forced into marriage because of her large dowry.  After her mother makes her a most disagreeable match, her father sends her to visit an old friend in order to avoid the nuptials.  Philomena decides it is best to hide her identity, and disguises herself as a ladies' maid.

Lord James Darling is a tortured soul. He has returned from war wounded and heartbroken, after accidentally sending his beloved to her death. Jamie has closed himself off from the world. However, he is suspicious of his mother’s new ladies' maid. He knows she is lying about her identity — he doesn’t trust her, but is drawn to her.  Will she be the woman to heal Jamie's heart? 

This historical romance is filled with marvelous characters!  Philomena Aubrey is a spitfire that will not be contained. She is not afraid to speak her mind, but is also a tender heart. Jamie is fierce, complex and handsome. Together, their passion is searing, which makes for an exciting read. This wonderful story is a page-turner! The only quirk is the timing between some of the chapters, as some skip forward a month or two. However, the research on the period is delightful, especially the social aspects of the time. The writing flows beautifully. The reader will have great difficulty putting this beautiful romance down. Readers will find themselves completely lost in this love story!

Amanda Hupe