The Heir: Book Two of the King’s Cousins Series


For as long as Cassiana Campion can remember, she’s been mother to her five brothers, nurse to her ailing father, and manager of Briarwood, the English estate on the dangerous Scottish border. Her world is rocked when the war robs her of all five brothers and her father finally succumbs to battle wounds. Briarwood needs a lord, so the estate is gifted to a new knight – who brings with him orders from the king to marry Cassiana.

The son of a traitor, Landon de Blays has spent his life trying to prove his loyalty to king and country. His talent, steadfastness, and bravery in battle is finally rewarded when the king gifts him with not only an estate, but also the comely lass who runs it. It’s love at first sight… until intrigue thrusts Landon and Cassiana apart. Can two star-crossed lovers find their way back to love and happiness?

Ms. Aston tells a lively tale of noble knights and gracious ladies, with more twists than a labyrinth. The setting is England in the 1300s, just after peace with France. The narrative pace is brisk, the characters likeable, and there’s just enough historical detail to give the readers a firm view of life at the time. Where the novel falters is in the plot: there are so many coincidences, sudden reveals, and twists that it strains credibility and all are resolved a little too quickly and neatly. Nevertheless, it’s a good-hearted tale with a happy ending that will satisfy romance lovers. 

Janice Martin