Heather in the Mist


When the Cameron estate is targeted for theft, its Chieftain is forced to betroth his daughter, Rogan, to her childhood friend William MacMillian for the sake of the clan's protection. Rogan is furious with this decision and is determined to make a marriage for love and not for political gain. An old colleague, Ian Albright, returns to Scotland and becomes Rogan's unlikely ally, but not before they battle an attraction to each other. The attacks continue and tragedy strikes, meanwhile Rogan and Ian are bound by duty and are challenged further when old secrets threaten to tear them apart.

Full of betrayal, adventure and romance in a Scottish highland setting this story is electric! Rogan is a strong-willed lass who keeps her faith in love while Ian is honorable and courageous, tempting both the reader and Rogan at every turn. William played a minor role which was a disappointment - his contribution had much potential yet fell short. On occasion, a few details were left like strings untied having only a small impact to the overall story. A number of surprising twists with perilous adventure will have one's adrenaline pumping while the moments of romance filled with passion and emotion will have one's heart a-flutter.

Margaret Faria