Hearts in Winter


WESTERN:  Jenny and Garrett were inseparable as childhood friends and as they grew into adults became devoted lovers. Betrayed by their own families, Jenny is sent to Washington D.C. to live with an Aunt and told that Garret, no longer in love with her, has chosen to marry Jenny’s sister, Elsie. Four years pass before she is allowed to finally come home only to find her sister murdered, leaving her to care for her three-year-old nephew, Ethan, while Garrett hunts down the men who murdered his wife. For three years Jenny cares for Ethan and for Garrett’s home, only seeing him on occasional visits. Home for Christmas, Garrett is about to learn some awful truths about what truly happened all those years ago and must decide if continuing on his path for revenge is worth giving up a life with Jenny and his son.


Ms. Lynn doesn’t waste any time getting right down to the heart of the problem between Garrett and Jenny. She grabs the reader by the hand and plunges right in to the heartbreak and betrayal Jenny has experienced for the past seven years. With the exception of some minor plot holes and unanswered questions, this book is well written, the characters well developed, and the emotions of the characters are deeply felt. Readers be warned: a full box of tissues should be acquired before diving in. 


Molly Daniels