Heart's War (Heart and Soul #2)


Brynmor is the Earl of Powys and son of a Welsh freemason with no noble blood running through his veins. He proves running a kingdom takes more than just nobility and in the shadow of King Edward of England, known as the ruthless Edward the Longshanks, it is no easy feat.  When war threatens Wales, it's noblemen and princes at odds with each other and resisting allegiance to Longshanks becomes harder. The daughter of an English nobleman, Rose is more than a beautiful woman. Mixing the two noble houses of Welsh and English is a dangerous proposition, but a sound solution to the political problems they face.  Secretly being in love with each other makes it a winning solution for them on a personal level.  When war finally arrives Brynmor's biggest fear is that he will not be there to protect Rose and cannot imagine losing her.


Passionate kisses so well-written and with such description that they will make the reader melt with every word are just one of the reasons to pick up "Heart's War"!  The reader can feel the love grow between Brynmor and Rose. Both characters are strong and valiant but also honest and caring, with a partnership based on love and respect. Interesting historical political intrigue and war keep the story firing like a loaded gun. Time and time again Brynmor and Rose face adverse situations and still the story continues to deliver and all the while entertaining the reader.  Glimpses of tender moments and emotion with a combination of history woven into the romance make this wonderful story dreamy, steamy and everything lovely in between! 


Margaret Faria