Heart's Ransom (Heart and Soul)


Earl Talon Montgomery fights alongside Simon de Montfort in rebellion against King Henry’s failure to uphold the Provisions of Oxford. A gifted strategist with an infallible sense of honor and justice, his counsel is invaluable to Montfort. While away at battle, his young daughter Rose, is kidnapped and used to force him to turn against his allies. Believing his Welsh enemy Powys responsible, he abducts Gwenillian, Powys’ daughter, hoping to exchange her for his own.  Unexpectedly, Talon finds himself protecting Gwen against assassination attempts ordered by her own father.

Honorable, clever, passionate, and mercurial, Talon is a skillful warrior, a respected leader, and a loving father who appears to have it all. But he is weighed down with grief, shame, and self-loathing over his first wife’s death—magnified by his daughter’s kidnapping. Nonetheless, his desperate and dishonorable abduction of Gwen becomes a blessing in disguise.

Gwen is intelligent, spirited, affectionate, compassionate, loyal, and gentle, despite her father’s horrible treatment and abuse. A gifted healer, Gwen comes to Talon’s aid, healing not just his body but his heart, soul, and mind with her acceptance, belief in him, and her love. She finds hope, love, and family.

The novel’s exploration of law, class, and social justice could easily be applied to the United States’ current condition. Although the pacing is uneven, at times, and Talon’s self-flagellation is overdone and frustrating , “Heart’s Ransom” is a thrilling romance that will draw readers in with well-developed characters, story, suspense, action, political intrigue, and angsty/steamy romance!

Lacy Hill