A Heartless Laird (Clan Ross Book 1)


The feud between the Ross and McLeod clans is taking its toll on the people, not just the leaders. Malcolm Ross became laird after the murder of his father by the McLeods. There is nothing on his mind but revenge, no matter the cost. After a brutal battle, a dying soldier stabs beautiful healer Elsbeth and Malcolm is drawn to get her help. He takes her back to his keep while she recovers. Alec McLeod wants nothing more than peace for his clan and the people affected by the feud. He knows his brother is at fault for it all but family is important. Both Ross and McLeod have traitors in their midst, so peace seems utterly hopeless.

"A Heartless Laird" has the potential to be an amazing Scottish epic tale! The character development is quite wonderful. Malcolm starts off as a blood-crazed soldier hell bent on revenge. He even makes rules about no female relationships because love is distracting. Elsbeth’s grace and courage make him see the error in his thinking. This story could have been so much more but there are so many characters, their loyalties, and their love lives all rolled into one book. It would be more enjoyable if the story focused on one couple, or just a couple points of view. With so many plotlines, the story feels rushed and the connection with the characters gets lost-which is a shame because they are phenomenal characters. The book ends with a massive cliffhanger, with no resolutions to the many plotlines. Despite the ending, the characters will leave readers wanting to pick up the next book right away!

Amanda Hupe