Heart Like an Ocean


In the dark of night Senona Montez makes a daring decision. She saddles her beloved horse and escapes the Spanish society she never really belonged to rather than be forced to marry a complete stranger. The only daughter of a Don, Senona isn’t prepared for the harsh realities of life outside her father’s estate. Now under the protection of a wild and impulsive privateer Brant Foxton, Senona revels in the freedom of a life of adventure. But wild hearts and reckless abandon can cause great heartache, and Senona will have to learn what truly matters most.

Set in 1600’s Europe, this story follows the growth of an independent young woman in a time where women were given little freedom. Sonona’s strength and tenacity blossoms into a maturity that gives this novel a beautiful character arc; however, there are a few issues that drag the story down. There is often not a clear point of view, and the reader is dumped from one character’s thoughts to another’s on a whim making some of the scenes very confusing. While the action scenes are great, the author spends far too much time “telling” rather than “showing”. Readers do not get to experience the emotion of the story as deeply because nearly every thought and action is explained and feelings are told rather than developed. There are also a few incidents that are not true to the time period, as well as some modern terminology that does not fit in the time period. However, the author has created a memorable heroine, and despite some weak areas in the writing, the story is captivating.  

Stephenia McGee