Heart of the Mountain (The Harcourts of Canada Book 2)


FAMILY SAGA:  It is in 1867 when Sarah and Hope arrive in Silver Birch Landing. Their trip on a bride ship from San Francisco to British Columbia was nothing like they had imagined. Fate sends Luke Harcourt to Hope’s rescue while Sarah lands in the crude hands of Tobias John. Beaten, bruised, and left for dead, Sarah’s life lies at the mercy of strangers. Hope and Luke, both escaping a bitter past, find a haven on a mountain near Silver Birch Landing. Things take a different turn when Luke is required to visit his ailing father, James Harcourt, back in America, and Hope has to take that trip with him along with their young daughter, Faith. Afterward, finding their way back to their mountain becomes a necessity, which can tear them apart or strengthen their loving bond. 

This is a gripping tale that keeps the reader’s eyes on the lives of two young women due to the author’s ability to deliver, with great depth and mastery, what would be the life of young naïve women who found themselves on an illegal bride ship. The scenes play out clearly and the complexity of the plot does not take away the reader’s grip on the fate of the lead characters. The only downside of the novel is the back-and-forth nature of the timelines that can get a tad confusing. The themes of hope, loss, and love come out clearly. This very enjoyable read takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotions, which is an epic depiction of the author’s ability to deliver a colorful piece of literary work.

JM Lareen