Heart of Honor (Knights of Honor #5)


Sir Christopher “Kit” Emory met the lady of his dreams on the day tragedy befell the royal court. One chance meeting with Lady Alys de Montfort seals both their hearts, but with the death of the Queen, Alys returns home to study and Kit goes on to marry his betrothed. Many years later, his mother falls ill and he seeks out Lady Alys. On his way, he is attacked by bandits and nearly killed. Alys never forgot Kit, but believed him to be married, and out of reach.  When she discovers him injured and with amnesia, she is reluctant to speed his recovery and send him back to his wife. Yet with danger all around, and Kit determined to recoup his memory, how long can Alys withhold the truth? Once it is revealed will her heart be broken once more?

A fun addition to the historical Knights of Honor series, “Heart of Honor” is book 5, and features an "insta-love" couple separated by time and a betrothal. Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, it alludes to previous books and builds from former conflicts. The premise has potential but it fails to live up to expectations — Kit’s wife proves to be a minor hiccup, and the romance is barely hindered.  Some of the plot seems to exist simply to propel the tale from one cliché to another. Still, the relationship between Kit and Alys smolders from the start and the plot, while a bit fluffy, will satisfy lovers of medieval romance.

Sarah E Bradley