A Heart at Home (An Everlasting Heart #3)


This third installment of the Everlasting Heart Series is not a standalone book. Charlotte and Sanderson's romantic relationship may be well- drawn in a previous volume but here it is assumed; there is a child on the way. The same intimate knowledge of each series character is handled similarly. The adventure opens as the couple bids farewell to her aging father and an adopted sister as well as a boy-child that the father has taken in. After the death of one of the family, the survivors set out to catch up to Charlotte and Sanderson. Their story goal is to travel through Indian Territory to reach the California Territory where Sanderson has work as an Indian Agent.


Sara Barnard intertwines history within the story in a very interesting way!  She weaves in a famous and vivid characters such as a young Calamity Jane, Virgil and Wyatt Earp without a distracting impact on the overall story. Rather than involving the reader to the point of caring about the individual characters and their stories, the author focuses on the dramatic happenings to carry this installment of her series. While the overall story line is engrossing, there are a few awkward jumps from one group of characters to another. Ms. Barnard shares religious beliefs in a non-threatening manner in her tale, even the night visions are nicely described. This is a book free of gratuitous sex and violence which will make it an exceptional delight for clean readers!


Shaunna Gonzales