A Heart on Hold

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Charlotte has loved Sanderson since they were children and he carved their initials in an old oak tree, but first family tragedy and then a Civil War took Sanderson far from their small Arkansas town. They wed on the depot platform and spent only one night together before he was gone once again, leaving only a promise that he will return to her when the war is over. 

When young Minerva’s mother is executed, the Gypsy family chooses to face the dangers of a war-torn country and head to America. Skilled in medicine, they find work tending to the Confederate wounded at a Union prison where Minerva meets Sanderson and Jackson, two brothers who have found themselves on opposite sides of the war. When their only hope to survive is to escape, they risk it all in hopes of returning to Arkansas.

“A Heart on Hold” is a story ripe with emotion, pulling the reader along in the rushing current of the character’s turmoil. Though there was confusion at times with character point of view and a sudden unexpected switch to a new set of characters, the story is full of action and the engaging plot keeps the pages turning. The book flows nicely, weaving the multiple characters together into a beautiful tapestry of family and faith. There is a subtle Christian reliance on God laced throughout that at no time becomes preachy or overdone. It is a stirring romance that sweeps the reader away to another time and into the fiery passion of a love worth waiting for! 

Stephania H. McGee