Heart of the Highlands: The Wolf (Protectors of the Crown Series: Book Two)


Rylan Arnett is a protector of the King - known as "the Wolf" for his fierce attributes and tenacity. When he is accused of murder he seeks a pardon, and while on the run from the English, is gravely injured. Fallon Sutherland is a woman hiding from her family and the shame associated with them brings. Raising her son with only the aid of a blind, old man on a small farm, she seeks only happiness. When their paths cross Fallon and Rylan discover they have much in common, including enemies that seek to destroy them. 


A beautifully written adventure that engages a soldier with a headstrong woman - a great beginning to any story! Rylan is a strong character who knows what he wants and will take it without hesitation. Fallon is equally strong, but she has the perceived weakness of being a mother. A weakness that could break her, but doesn’t. Ms. Holthaus is very skilled at crafting her villain, making the dual enemy of her leads a vile man. The adventure is nonstop, and the dance of romance is fun to watch evolve. Alas, the ending is lackluster and leaves the reader wanting more closure. "The Protectors of the Crown" series has great potential and this second edition in the saga is a good continuation of the line. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto