Heart of the Highlands: The Raven (Protectors of the Crown #3)


Adelyn Scott is resigned to a marriage to a ruthless English Lord with numerous enemies. Yet, the night of their wedding the groom is murdered and all fingers point to Adelyn. Forced to escape into the night or face prison, Adelyn flees to north and her cousin, the Scottish King. There she meets the King’s personal guard, Eamon MacLeish, a man whose loyalty has never been questioned, and whose offer of protection is eagerly accepted. Unfortunately, politics are complex and war is threatening both in Scotland and abroad. Adelyn cannot prove her innocence alone, and when her pursuers catch up to her, Eamon will have to choose; loyalty to his king or to his heart.

 A steamy prequel novel, Eamon MacLeish is a knight at heart and a highland warrior in search of a worthy cause. Adelyn is a pretty woman in need of a hero. While the story is quick and straightforward, it lacks the originality or twists to launch the series, and features a hero and heroine with interesting backstories but who lack the spark to make them jump off the page. Still, the book does a good job in tying into the series and setting the stage for further books. The romance itself is the focus of the story, boosted by the little mystery around Adelyn’s husband’s murder and the action surrounding Adelyn’s flight and those tracking her. Yet, it is the sizzling tension between the pair that sells the tale and engrosses the reader until the end, making it a winner for readers who adore handsome highlanders that love as fiercely as they fight.

Sarah E Bradley