Heart of the Highlands: The Dragon (Protectors of the Crown Book 3)


After Leland and Ian Mackay’s father passed, Ian becomes the laird of their clan with his new bride, Keira, by his side. However, during Ian’s recovery, Keira is worried about her sisters being attacked due to the commitment of treason by their father. Leland sets off to the Sinclair Hall to bring Keira’s sisters back safely. However, when he gets there, he doesn’t realize how hard the task of bringing them home will be. After Alys Sinclair was betrayed by her father, she’s forced to figure out a way to raise her younger sisters alone. With Laird Frederick Sutherland hovering over her with his proposal, and enemies coming from all angles, Alys knows the only way she can survive is to never trust a man again. Will that include Leland?

In this delicious 16th century-based novel, jump aboard the express train to the land of scrumptious, sassy, and spicy enemies-to-lovers romance where readers can sit back and enjoy the captivating plot of the distrustful Lady and the protective Laird. This book feels repetitive in the damsel-in-distress plotline where the man always comes to save the day. However, the author does add a great little twist by making the woman stronger and more responsible for her family. The setting and the language are also well-written, based on the era the novel is set in. Unfortunately, it may be hard for readers to keep up with the storyline since there seems to be a continuation of action from the last book right at the start of this one. However, the author still reels readers back in wonderfully with some new action, and keeps them on their toes for more conflict.

Austen Grace