Heart in the Highlands


Lady Katherine never dreamed of leaving England, especially for the wilds of Scotland. But when her dying grandfather arranges a marriage for her before he dies, she accepts his dying wish and hopes for the best. Arriving just one day before the marriage ceremony, Kate finds a handsome and surprisingly kind and considerate man in Callum Darrington… that is until after the wedding, and wonderful wedding night, when she awakes to discover Callum gone. Callum knows leaving his pretty new bride is an atrocious thing to do, but his father’s betrayal is the last straw in a lifetime of abuse, and the only way out is to disappear. But four years later, he finds himself required to return and is determined to resurrect the marriage he left behind. It is quickly apparent, however, that his bride is not at all amenable, and the destruction of a heart is a mountain he may never overcome.

Get the tissues out because this one will have hearts twisting and turning from page to page! From the moment the sweet, yet innocent Kate wakes to find the desertion and betrayal of her new husband to the moment he steps back into her life again, readers will be riveted to the character’s journey. It is exquisitely written and deftly paced without rushing through the painful process of learning the hard lessons of forgiveness and love. There’s a bit of a twist near the end that adds even greater depth, and even with a few frustrating choices, readers will not only understand, but truly empathize with these broken but beautiful characters and their story! Absolutely delightful!

Ruth Lynn Ritter