A Heart of Gold


Tava Rutherford has barely held her family ranch together while her father searches for gold in Klondike, Canada. But when she receives an old letter with word that her father is ill and dying, she can no longer wait at home. Jess Lawmen has loved Tava for years, but some mistakes in his past haunt him, and he has spent the last few years quietly loving Tava and supporting her as a friend. Since she is determined to journey north to discover her father’s fate, Jess cannot in good conscience let her go by herself. On the journey, Tava and Jess collect a ragtag group of friends as they and many others scramble to reach the goldfields in the wilds of northwestern Canada. But even among friends, there are many dangers on this journey, and as their past hurts invade the present, clinging to the past and its secrets is no longer an option.

A solid western historical romance, this story portrays the Klondike gold rush and a second chance romance in such a way that readers will be engrossed in both the relationship between Tava and Jess and the excitement and adventure surrounding their travels. Although the relationship portion of the story is not original, the conflict is all minor miscommunication, and the outcome is predictable, the story has a solid pace, interesting historical setting, and the romance is sweet and satisfying. Essentially this is a must-read story for fans of historical adventures, second chance romances, or readers who simply want a romance with a different setting. Overall, a solid win!

Sarah E Bradley