Heart of Desire (Handful of Hearts #2)


Spunky debutante Katherine Locke is entering her third season on the Marriage Mart. It is not going well, and prospects for a marriage are growing fewer by the minute. Every available man at the parties she attends, Kate has either spurned or ridiculed. When newly arrived Lord Finley attends the gala event Katherine sets her sights on him, only to discover that her cousin has already fallen for him. This is Kate’s last season before she is considered ineligible for marriage, so to make Lord Finley jealous she pretends interest in Lord Haversham, a man she detests.  After Haversham incurs a vast debt to Katherine's brother, however, the tables are turned and Kate no longer has the upper hand. To extinguish the debt, Lord Ainsley offers Haversham a deal - one that could save him financially, but ruin him in other ways if Kate ever finds out. 

Jenna Jaxson’s characters are well developed and her gritty dialogue moves the story forward.  She has detailed descriptive scenes that bring a person right into the story, a historically rich piece of work with strong character portrait. Jayne is no wilting flower and Lord Haversham does not back down - the chemistry between the two is electric. With amusing, infallibly precious dialogue and a bit of whimsy, "Heart of Desire" will appeal to readers who love spicy romance, a plucky protagonist, and historical settings. 

L. Kane