Heart of Delight (Handful of Hearts #3)


The Marquess of Halford is bored with life and the social scene, but due to his father's decree he is bound to marry this Season. When a quiet moment on a balcony accidentally puts him in the path of the beautiful Gabriella d’Adventure, he introduces himself as his valet in hopes of putting the lady’s maid at ease and learn more about her. However, Gabriella is on a mission to meet the Duke of Rother, and the more Halford tries to help, the more he falls for the lady, and the harder it is to reveal the truth. Yet, with both parties keeping secrets, will they ruin their chances at not only accomplishing their goal but also lose in love as well?

The third book in the “Handful of Hearts” series, “Heart of Delight” is a delightful historical romance that can be read as a standalone tale. An interesting romance full of mistaken identity and secrets that carry the plot, the novel's pace is a bit abrupt and the story is often contrived; with basic main characters that lack depth or growth. Despite being unable to leave a strong lasting impression, it has a good premise and offers a light, fluffy romance. Still, lovers of historical romance will find this to be a fun romance more than suitable for a lazy day read.

Sarah E Bradley