A Heart Broken (An Everlasting Heart #2)


Now that the war is over, Sanderson is home, and happily ever after awaits - until the Army comes with an order for Sanderson’s arrest. He’s been charged with the murder of an old enemy, and in order to clear his name, he has to track down and execute the notorious outlaw, William "Bloody Bill" Quantrill.  With some unexpected help from Jerry Thomas, Sanderson is determined to avoid the hangman’s noose and return to his lovely wife. Unfortunately back home, Charlotte is facing a complicated pregnancy and a rash of animals with rabies threatens the countryside. It will take a great deal of courage, and some good friends to get Sanderson and Charlotte through this challenge,  but love will find a way.

"A Heart Broken" is an excellent sequel to "A Heart on Hold", the first book in the series.  Set after the end of the Civil War, Sanderson and Charlotte continue their adventures and their love story. Readers do not necessarily need to read the first book as the plot flows well enough to be followed without the additional background. Both main characters are fully fleshed and prone to mistakes; however they are somewhat endearing to the reader despite the predictability of the plot. The constant addition of real life figures from history add to the story and foreshadowing to their real life ends is rather amusing. Any reader looking for a historical romance with a bit of adventure will enjoy this read and look forward to the third book in the series as well.


Sarah E Bradley