Hear the Wind Blow, Love

Lee Ann Sontheimer

Good news has finally reached the farm - the war in Europe is over.  Good news too late for Maude Whitney, it won't bring her husband Jamie back.  After Jamie was killed two years ago his brother Harry has been a huge help.  She would most certainly have lost the farm if not for him.  He has always been there for Maude.  He courted her first, and she realizes now he still has her heart.   Even toddler George loves him like a father so why is she having a hard time accepting her own feelings for him?

As the Spanish flu spreads like mad, life becomes a precious commodity, and love is too important to ignore.  Fate however has yet another tragedy to send. In these desperate times can Maude hang on to both faith and love?

The rural setting of the story and the beautifully accurate descriptions take the reader to the place, the time and the mind set in this era with ease.  Maude and Harry begin somewhat dry but warm up as the story moves on and as the connection between them grows stronger. A series of characters are introduced that enhance the story and reinforce some of the ignorant and judgmental types of thinking that bears a large impact on the overall story.  The author deftly imbues her novel with emotions that lie just under the surface ready to break free at any moment. This one is a perfect tear-jerker for those who enjoy an angsty good love story!

Margaret Faria