Healing Seas


Addie Mayfield survived the sinking of the Titanic, yet is haunted by the loss she endured. After losing the wealthy family that employed her as governess, she is to become the caretaker of her eighty year old Great Aunt Tillie Mayfield. Sparks fly instantly between her and Captain Frank Shea, a seaman who works for her Great Aunt while he nurses a bad leg and an absence from his ship. Torn between his new feelings for Addie and his desire to be back on the ocean he becomes unsure if his choices are the right ones, while Addie's unsure she can manage another heart break and the loss of Frank forever. 

In true historic romantic fashion the heroine and her hero take some time to truly confess their love and to declare their true feelings, yet the reader's anticipation builds with every encounter between Addie and Frank, all the while wanting them to unite and find the love and peace they deserve. A real feeling of despair and fear from their tragic circumstances is felt and tugs at the reader's compassion. A very clean romance develops between them and although at times is unfulfilling, their few moments of tenderness are admirable and sweet. Addie's story dominates a shade more than Frank's and his manner can seem standoffish, yet it is a nice heartfelt story, and a great choice for those who prefer a clean romance.

Margaret Faria