Healing Love

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Lydia Walcott, fleeing from her brother's abuse, arrives in Cottonwood at night during an ice storm. The terrified waif of a girl takes refuge in a stable hoping that on the morrow she will start a new life in a friendly town.
Dr. Sterling has always served the people of Cottonwood and the surrounding area. Both sleep in the stable, completely unaware of the others presence. Gossipers disturb the sleepers and immediately jump to the wrong conclusions. Sterling's career could be ruined, as well as Lydia's hopes for a new life. Can they accept the counsell to marry and trust God?
Susan Ewing tells a sweet tale of an unlikely pair, both willing to place their trust in God. Despite the mild head-hopping and the author's telling instead of showing throughout the story, this tale is surprisingly engaging. Ms. Ewing is occasionally redundant but her descriptions paint crisp pictures in the readers' mind.  Another issue is the time period, which is unclear and some time lapses could be confusing.  Some descriptions are placed firmly at the turn of the century and yet later inventions lead the reader to wonder if they have fast forwarded to the mid 1900s. However, the occasional flashbacks feel logical and seamless, filling in necessary back-story. The characters are engaging, their struggles with morals real. Several scripture verses are sighted that add depth to the character’s values without distracting from the work of fiction. The story is smooth but somewhat slow in moving the reader forward.  The sweet encouragement of the characters for one another is truly the shining spark!
Erin Murdock