The Healer’s Gift


Coira MacDugall has a new ability, and whether it’s a gift or a curse remains to be seen. You see, she can sense the emotions of other people. It’s dangerous, but when that ability could help the new laird Logen MacDugall, can she keep it a secret? Especially since Logen has done everything in his power to help her, not to mention the fact that she has feelings for the handsome laird.


Logen really didn’t want to be a laird.  Since he was chosen and thrust into the role, however, he will do anything to help his clan. He will take the help Coira offered him but he will not allow himself to care for her. 


"The Healer's Gift" is a highland romance with a truly great Hero!  Logen never expected to be laird. He was a warrior and a fisherman with no eyes on that role, but despite everyone who wished him ill, he became a good one. The problem lies with the character of Coira. It is stated in the first chapter that she received her gift as a result from an attack on the Highland Healer.  During the attack, she lost sense and held a knife to a child’s throat in order to get the Healer close. She was wounded, and after she was healed she found out she had a gift. In the course of the story, it is mentioned that she is not the same person anymore but the reader is never convinced, making her a highly unsympathetic heroine. Rising above that is not easy. Disregarding that, the story is compelling and it does show that redemption is possible.


Ana Smith