To Heal an Earl (Soldiers and Soulmates Book 1)


Two emotionally damaged people shunned by family collide in this rollercoaster ride of a love story. After her father’s death, Lady Charlotte Nott is tossed out by her evil half-brother. No longer a titled lady, she must make her own way. Miss Nott takes a position as governess to three children who’ve lost both parents and have become the charges of their uncle, Major Danforth Grayson. Gray has also been cast out, a second son to his late, vengeful older brother. He had pledged his life to the military, but is called home to take care of his orphaned nieces and nephew. Bearing the scars of all the death he’s seen and caused, Gray is as impenetrable as stone—until he meets the tenacious Miss Nott.

Addressing much deeper issues than many stories in the genre, this author has raised this romance novel to a higher level! The cast of characters, from the hero and heroine to the children to the footmen, are all carefully and fully developed. The plot is plausible and engagingly paced. Attention was paid to accurate detail, from setting to costume to social mores. The hero and heroine’s attraction to one another is based on mutual admiration and respect well before progressing to the physical. The story is not, however, an entirely “feel-good” experience, because just as in life, there is sadness, and tears are shed. This makes the tale all that more realistic, and the joy outweighs the sorrow. Any reader wanting to immerse themselves in a truly believable historical novel will relish the superbly crafted “To Heal an Earl.”

FS Brown