Haunted Hearts (Holiday Knights Book 6)


Lady Lillith and Lord Blaze have been in love since they were children and did everything together. Both had dreams of being husband and wife - until that changed when her brother disappeared, and his death was blamed on Blaze’s mother. Rumors spread that she murdered Lillith’s brother and the whole family was witches - including Blaze. The rumors caused a feud between both of their families, and Lillith was not allowed to associate with Blaze anymore. Everyone fears Blaze and his family. When Lillith’s father dies, her uncle makes arrangements with Blaze to end the feud between their families by marrying one of his nieces. Blaze believes it is Lillith, not realizing she is already betrothed. He is instead betrothed to her sister.  

“Haunted Hearts” is book 6 in the Holiday Knights series and is such a beautiful and romantic love story that leaves the reader wanting more. One can read the story as a stand-alone, but it would recommend to read the previous ones as well. Elizabeth Rose has created a nice plot with interesting characters, including a cat, Sam, and Ebony, the raven. The cat and raven are such fun and adds a nice touch and interest to the story. The story is about a family feud, star crossed lovers, deception, false allegations and even magic. Lillith and Blaze never lose their connection and are still so in love, hoping for their miracle. There is a surprise at the end that the reader won’t see coming. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable tale!

Victoria Zumbrum