Hattie Glover’s Millinery (The Providence Street Shops Book 1)


Hattie lost her parents at a young age and went to live with an aunt and uncle. She fell in love with a much older man who was never going to marry her. Her reputation was ruined because of the affair, and she ran away to start a new life. She is proud of the Millinery business that she started from scratch, and has no room in her life for romance. One day, Guy walks into her shop and interrupts both of their lives. Guy has never let anyone have his heart before and moves from one mistress to the other. Will Hattie be the one to change that?

“Hattie Glover’s Millinery” is a sweet Victorian romance, the first in its series. The reader will love Hattie! Hattie has had a tough life and had to learn through a disastrous affair. Guy is a spoiled rich kid that comes into his money through his father’s death. The reader will not feel the connection between Hattie and Guy at first, although one will wish it was there. The romance develops slowly between them as they get to know one another. One may feel that there should be more action and suspense through the story, the lack of it making the story feel slow-moving.  Overall, “Hattie Glover’s Millinery” is an entertaining historical romance, and if you love the genre, you should check it out.

Victoria Zumbrum