Harriet (Cupids & Cowboys Series Book 1)


Cord Brennan, a seasoned US Marshal, has a new mission: he is escorting a federal prisoner, William Hayes, from Texas to Wallace, Kansas. William Hayes is Dr. Flexners’ guinea pig for a blood transfusion test. Harriet McQuade, aka Harrie, is busy tending to her herd of cows on her ranch. Unbeknownst to her, she is about to become the center of attention in the little town of Wallace upon the arrival of William Hayes. No one has ever told her that her father is a federal prisoner in a faraway land. What will become of Harrie’s life after the secret comes out?

Sewn with the threads of suspense, secrets, early scientific developments in blood transfusion, and the beautiful world of herding cows and hunting, “Harriet” serves a very sumptuous meal to all lovers of entertaining books. Cupids are real, well, in Harriet’s love life. It is amazing how the author flipped the concept of what would have been an annoying little brother into an amazing character who drives a giant part of the story. Lovely. The only downside to this book is that the romance between Cord and Harrie does not kick off on what many readers would refer to as a realistic footing. It is more of experiencing rain without the presence of clouds. The explanation of the early stages in the development of blood transfusion is very clear. All in all, readers who have not read this book yet are missing out on wagon-loads of fun and humor.

JM Lareen