A Hardened Warrior (Clan Ross Book 2)


Merida MacLeod sees an injured warrior that she must help. When she figures out the man is from the Ross clan, her mortal enemy, she leaves him with a monk who is able to get the warrior back home. Tristan Ross heals slowly but can’t forget the mysterious woman who helped him. When a neutral clan asks the leaders from the Ross and MacLeods to attend a peace conference, Merida’s family decides to go. Tristan is sent instead of his brother, who is Laird, for the negotiations. The master of the impartial faction decides the only way to solve the animosity between the two clans is for Tristan to marry MacLeod’s daughter, Merida. Tristan has no choice. To refuse would mean war. Can Tristan marry Merida even though they both never wanted the union and still have peace with everyone?

This fast-paced story will keep readers engaged with action interspersed throughout from beginning to end! The narrative is filled with betrayal, clan wars, hate and love, all of which will leave the head spinning. However, many of the plot arcs never come to fruition, which overshadows the love story between the hero and heroine. The story also ends in a cliff-hanger where little seems resolved except Merida and Tristan’s relationship. Merida and Tristan do have the makings of brilliant characterizations, but their relationship beyond the physical never feels deep enough. So it’s hard to trust both, much less care for them. Still, the book is enjoyable and definitely an exciting read!

Roslynn Ernst