Reviews - Historical

A Lawman’s Honor

When Charlotte Johnson is sentenced to three years in a women’s prison for defending herself against an aggressive client who wants to take advantage of her, she knows there is only one way out: escaping. Her friends prepare her journey, and she ends in Jefferson, Texas; however, things don’t go as planned.

Aine is a dairymaid. The people around her are convinced she has been touched by the faeries and take every opportunity to belittle her. A bad omen can’t prepare her for the devastation that will occur. The English have invaded Ireland and found their way to her master’s home. Everyone is murdered, and she is the only survivor. Niall is a soldier for Ireland, fighting against the English.

14th Century Greece is not a place of peace. Rasheed knows this fact first hand. After being ostracized by his family for sharing an illicit kiss, then disowned and abandoned completely for converting to Christianity, he spent his years as a mercenary earning enough money to purchase a bathhouse with Eudocia and Gil, his two dearest friends, and settles down in hopes of a quieter life.

Maryanne Wagner is forced to run away from the home she’s always known after her father promises her hand in marriage to the cruel William Smythe, for a simple loan. During her escape, Maryanne robs her father before she runs into some unexpected trouble and is forced to hide out in the neighboring town of Wylder.

Rachel Berry is the adopted daughter of a Freetown missionaries, who was a former slave. Her English father sold Rachel and her African Mother into slavery. Rachel now helps former slaves at the mission and prepares them for life. She wants to reconnect with her mother’s family. Captain Christopher Halloren lost his right arm in a war against the French.