Reviews - Historical

Lord Sheridan Zouche, playboy of 1817 London, has occupied beds of a number of widowed and married English ladies, leaving behind satisfied women and angry husbands.

Luke Chance has ambition.  He wants to be more than a ranch hand, but first he must prove that he is responsible and trustworthy.  It doesn’t help that he keeps getting into brawls at the town’s bar and brothel.  Nope, the only t

Bethany Anne Littleton does her best to keep her spirits up in the face of the abuse she suffers at the hands of her Aunt and Uncle.  Pushed to her limits by their mean-spirited barbs, she flees to the woods to enjoy a brief respite.  He

Dogs Dance

Jim Liberty has a reputation, and it isn’t a good one. It’s mostly based on the fact that he does absolutely nothing to defend himself, nothing to make his own life better, and nothing to make anyone respect him.

The War Between Us
Sarah Creviston

Only months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Alex is being sent from his L.A. home to the East Coast.