Reviews - Historical

WESTERN: Desperate to escape the machinations of her uncle and fiancé, Emily Carrington begs to join a wagon train destined for the Oregon Territory led by Cole Morgan.

Isle of the Blessed

Josephine “Joie” MacAdams has kept the secret of the DeReyne heirloom sword ever since her late mother told her about it. Legend states that only the man she trusts with her heart, her life or her love will be worthy of the gladius.

Eighteen-year old Lucky McLaren is a U.S. Army Air Service pilot in the Great War of 1918.

Once Upon a Regency: Timeless Tales and Fables
Samantha Grace, Amanda Mariel, Meara Platt, Allison Merritt, Ari Thatcher,
Dawn Brower, Sue London, Lynne Barron, Tammy Andresen

Once upon a time, in lands far away nine ladies all found themselves in differing circumstances. Claudine must save her theatre and troupe, but will Russell fulfill his role? A lowly dressmaker captures an Earl’s heart.

Midnight Magic

Jessie Walsh has changed her identity and accepted a job as a cook and nanny on a ranch in faraway Texas, all in order to escape an abusive family situation.