Reviews - Historical

With her father no longer able to continue his job as the king’s chronicler, Bridget takes it up in his stead. When Caleb shows interest in her, she must guard her secret well, for if discovered, both her and her father’s lives would be at stake.

Broden McGregor’s life is not going the way he anticipated. He never expected to inherit an Earldom. He never expected his life would be in danger, and, he certainly never expected to fall in love with his best friend’s sister, Kendra.  Circumstances throw Broden and Kendra together, and suddenly they are seeing each other in a new light.

Lady Gemma Barton (Gem) faces a dilemma that is all too common for women in London’s High Society – She is to be married to someone her father deems a good match but she views as a possible fate worse than death.  To escape this ordeal, she convinces her platonic best friend Rob to marry her in haste before he heads off to fight in the war effort.  This marriage of convenience starts a whirlwin

Having failed to make a match on the marriage front, Helen Milsom is forced to become a governess. On her way back to her employer’s home, she comes across Sir Marcus Dain at an inn, where they have a less than stellar first meeting. Marcus’ boredom with the English nobility’s lifestyle has rendered his mood to one of grouchiness.

Two emotionally damaged people shunned by family collide in this rollercoaster ride of a love story. After her father’s death, Lady Charlotte Nott is tossed out by her evil half-brother. No longer a titled lady, she must make her own way. Miss Nott takes a position as governess to three children who’ve lost both parents and have become the charges of their uncle, Major Danforth Grayson.