A Grand Tour (Timeless Victorian Collection Book 2)

Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore,
Heather B. Moore

“A Grand Tour” features three individual stories that follow the travels of three women named Isabelle, Eleanor, and Evelyn. Each story takes the reader to a new place — Isabelle travels to Morocco, Eleanor to Rome, and Evelyn travels to Egypt. They each have an idea of what they envision their life to be. Isabelle refuses to have her heart broken again and wants to travel and remain unmarried. Eleanor wants a career in archeology, as she is talented with languages. Evelyn loves Egyptian history and can read hieroglyphs. All three work hard to discover more and be successful in life. During their travels, they will each meet a man who will change their lives. Each woman will have to decide to trust these men with their hearts and make sure they are respected as intelligent women. As each of them go on their Grand Tour, it brings them closer to their passions and closer to love.

Prepare to travel the world in this delightful collection of Victorian-era stories.  Morocco, Italy, and Egypt are beautifully described and exciting! The history set out in these stories and of the cities is perfectly accurate. However, the best part about this collection is the women! Isabelle, Eleanor, and Evelyn are not only beautiful on the outside but they are very intelligent. They have dreams and aspirations outside of love that make them truly inspiring. The only downside is that the novellas had moments when the story was moving so fast that the reader may struggle to connect with the characters. However, "A Grand Tour" is a perfect, quick read for anyone who wants to spend an afternoon in a faraway place! Once the reader begins reading this collection, they will not want to put it down!

Amanda Hupe