Graham (Sons of Sagamore Book 2)

Ruth A.

Graham Eden is widowed and has hidden himself away from the world in the north of England, mourning the wife and child he lost, preferring physical labor to the wheeling and dealing of his family’s world. Isabella Girard spends her time caring for the chateau and winery in the South of France that belongs to Charlotte Eden (Graham’s sister-in-law). She has long ago learned that men in general are not to be trusted, especially English men. When she is unable to figure out how to save the winery from financial ruin, she reaches out to Charlotte who sends a reluctant Graham to sort it out. What he finds will turn Isabella’s world upside down, if only he can convince her that some English men are worth the risk!

Set mainly in a beautiful Chateau with a winery in 13th century France, historical romance fans will easily find themselves swept up in this beautiful setting. With flawed characters, a mystery to solve and several plot twists, it is very easy to just keep turning the pages to see how this will all play out. Despite being book two in the series, the story is complete in itself with any backstory needed seamlessly threaded in without slowing the story down. Readers looking for an historical romance that isn’t as heavy on the bodice ripping will tear through the pages, wrapped up in a fabulous story, and should feel very satisfied with the ending. 

Melanie Newton