Grace's Purpose (Spirited Hearts Series Book 3)


WESTERN:  With her upcoming wedding to Dr. Robert Walcott foremost in her mind, Grace Chapman goes to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to visit her mother and make plans for her nuptials. While there, she helps an abused woman and her children with the aid of the town’s new physician, Dr. John Kittrick. Even though the handsome Dr. Kittrick finds himself attracted to the beautiful Grace, he thinks her charitable ways are intrusive. Grace and John find themselves at odds with one another due to their conflicting beliefs; however when the town is faced with a threat to the health of its citizens, Grace and John are compelled to deal with not only the threat, but also their attraction to each other.

Set in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the late 1800s, "Grace's Purpose" is the third book of the “Spirited Hearts” series but stands alone. Readers will be entertained by the realistic storyline that delights the senses. Grace’s constant referral to her feeling of degradation is a bit repetitious and some light editing is needed, however, the well-developed characters, solid plot, and even tempo keep the reader engaged and the pages turning. The indifferent acceptance of the change in their future on the part of Grace’s fiancé is a bit unbelievable, leaving one questioning the rationale of the engagement. However, the evolution of the protagonists’ relationship brings back the hope for Grace’s happily ever after. This tender, romantic novel is a worthy read that will appeal to anyone who enjoys love stories.

Janna Shay