Grace-Brides of New Hope


WESTERN: Dealing with a bully in the middle of a financial crisis seems one of Widow Grace Donegan’s worst troubles. An assignment from New Hope’s town sheriff, Gray, would seem the least of the things that she needs, but not when it has some financial perks to it. Housing Tripp Walker, a Pinkerton agent, who happens to poses everything that the widow would ever ask for in a man unleashes several heaps of pain, hope, and joy for Grace and her two children, Caleb and Fiona. She has to deal with it all for she cannot let the town sheriff down. The bully does not take the presence of another man in Grace’s life lightly…and the war begins.

With well-rounded characters and a very heartwarming storyline, Author Jo-Ann Roberts serves the reader with a hot and spicy read. Nothing beats the presence of a treasured rugged decoy that at the end of the novel informs the reader of the real identity of some of the characters, and why things had to happen in a certain way. That sure strikes the right combination of entertainment notes for any reader. Grace and Tripp’s journey serves a heavy dose of such. If one can overlook the presence of several support characters who seen to over-occupy some scenes, then he/she is assured of a blissful ending. After reading “Grace” the reader cannot help but get a huge insatiable appetite for the next book in the series. Simply amazing.  

JM Lareen