A Governess of Unusual Experience (The Governess Bureau: Book 5)

Emily EK

Ms. Rachel Herriot woke up having no memory of the last 10 years of her life and is frustrated and does not know what to do. Since Mrs. Clark, the owner of the Governess Bureau knows her and offers her a job, she accepts and returns to the Governess Bureau. She is sent to a quiet manor and put in charge of Violet, who Rachel connects with along with her mother. She meets Timothy Astor, Violet’s uncle, who knows her and kisses her unexpectedly. Timothy and Rachel were once colleagues, but he thought he lost her. It is hard for Timothy Astor to watch the woman he loves who has no memory of him. Will she remember everything?

“A Governess of Unusual Experience” is book 5 in the Governess Bureau series and can be read as a standalone. What a refreshing and wonderful love story. The characters are beautifully written and strong especially Rachel, who is very believable as a woman who lost so much time from her life and finds love again with her true love. Timothy was very patient and kind to Rachel trying not to upset her. The reader will enjoy feeling the chemistry grow and watching them fall in love again. One will love watching Violet with Rachel connect with one another as she teaches her what she needs to know as a young lady in society. One will enjoy learning both were spies who worked together although the reader may feel that the story is slow and dragged out in places.  Overall, this is a good read as friendships and romance develop

Victoria Zumbrum