A Governess Should Never... Deny a Duke (The Governess Chronicles Book 2)


Rhys Cadogan, the Duke of Aberdare, is looking for a governess for his troubled niece, Mari. Both are grieving the loss of a father and brother. Rhys is hosting a party at his home to find a wife. Isabella is French by birth and has been working to be a governess since her parents’ death. She does not want to lose her independence and is happy with her job. Rhys hires her and finds she is very different from other governesses. She is smart and has a lot of confidence. But she’s the governess… which means off limits. How can a happy ending be possible when two people are from such different social circles?

“A Governess Should Never Deny a Duke” is a lovely tale with a lot of twists and turns. The author has created a believable storyline with characters the reader will love. Isabella is an independent woman, who has become an extraordinarily successful governess, yet she suffers from a tragic past. Rhys is a Duke who has recently lost his brother and has taken on his niece, Mari, and is struggling with the adjustment to parent. Both are exceedingly kind and caring individuals who are looking for love - and manage to find it. One will enjoy the relationship Rhys has with his niece, and how Isabella is able to win Mari’s love and trust. The chemistry between Rhys and Isabella is hot and undeniable, and fairly steams up the pages! The attempts on Isabella’s life and the attempt at framing her for a crime bring intrigue and mystery to the story and show the real Duke. A delightful story all the way through.

Victoria Zumbrum