A Governess Should Never… Tempt A Prizefighter (The Governess Chronicles- Book 1)


Matilda Griffins interviews with Seth Hawins to be the new governess for his daughter, Chloe. Matilda has no experience, and she soon tells Seth the real reason that she needs to get away. She needs to escape from her overbearing cousin, who is also her legal guardian, whom has promised her to a vile man. Seth hires the damsel in distress, regardless of her lack of experience. Seth, who grew up poor, has risen above the status that he was born into and has become a prizefighter; he also owns a successful boxing academy. As Seth and Matilda get to know each other and experience each other's worlds, they start to fall in love. Both learn to not judge a person by their outside… no matter how big the muscles are. 

 An enchanting tale of transformation, love, and acceptance, the reader will find this charming story satisfying and enjoyable. Emily Windsor is a master at creating characters, masterfully showcasing their transformation. As the reader follows the love story between Seth and Matilda, they’ll find themselves embroiled in a swoon-worthy tale filled with mischief, kindness, learning and understanding. Supporting characters that are weaved seamlessly into the story and help the plot along. The reader will find themselves rooting for the love between the unlikely couple, and rooting for their safety from Matilda’s conniving cousin. The reader will find themselves lost in this wonderful story until the last page has been turned. Ms. Windsor definitely answers the question “will love win?” in the most satisfying way. An absolute must read for lovers of unlikely heroes in the Historical genre!

Heather Kroll