A Governess of Many Languages (The Governess Bureau Book 3)

Emily EK

Miss Elizabeth Fletcher is in need of a new assignment from the Governess Bureau. When she is chosen by Stuart Morton, Lord Galcrest, in a most unorthodox manner she is determined to persevere and make the Bureau proud. Stuart, however, has hired her for his friends, and she is thrust into a family situation that is anything but welcoming. The d’Allaire family doesn’t just have prankster twins for Elizabeth to wrangle, govern, and keep control of during their exceedingly long house party, they also have marital problems. If there is one thing a governess knows it is that she must keep her reputation pristine above all else. But with her attraction to Stuart, and the scandal threatening the family, how will Elizabeth ever keep her reputation and her employability?

This third installment in the Governess Bureau series can easily be read as a stand-alone. Elizabeth and Stuart have a sweet connection, and his antics continually throw them together. Elizabeth’s knowledge and wit are refreshing and make her likeable and relatable. As their relationship develops Stuart is hard to like at times, as he puts Elizabeth into compromising situations and seems to care more about a joke than her livelihood and how his actions affect others. Parts of the story are slow as the house party drags on, and the storyline is very predictable. But the twins and Stuart always show up just in time to move the story along. The characters are deep and layered once you begin to know them and understand their motives. Fans of historical romance and forbidden love won’t want to miss this book!

Cara Cieslak