Governess to the Duke's Heir (Dangerous Lords #4)


Andrew, the Duke of Harrow, has left his Oxfordshire estate and children to others to look after for much too long. His duty as a diplomat in Vienna has kept him busy, but now years after losing his wife, he knows it is time to return. Unfortunately, his long absence has made him a stranger to his children, and their governess, Miss Jenny Harrismith seems to find fault with his efforts. Even the lovely German Baroness he invited to visit seems to want something he is unsure he can provide. When attempts are made on his son William’s life, and only Jenny seems to stand in the way, Andrew must work with the lady he increasingly finds interesting to protect his family. But when all truths are revealed, William might not be the only one in danger, but Andrew and Jenny’s hearts as well.

The fourth novel in the “Dangerous Lords” series, this book is part mystery adventure and part romance. The plot is straightforward and slightly predictable in that the person targeting William becomes a suspect early on, and the romance seems to mostly fall into place without much effort, although it goes from sweet to smoldering toward the end. The pace is steady, the setting well developed, and characters diverse if not given much background. The main drawback to this tale is the ease in which the conflict is resolved and the predictability of the story as a whole. Overall, “Governess to the Duke’s Heir” is a good book for fans of historical romance that like a bit of action and adventure but need simple happy endings. 

Sarah E Bradley