The Governess Diaries (The Hellion Club Book 7)


Euphemia “Effie” Darrow has put her all into creating the Darrow School, a place for girls like her – the illegitimate and pushed aside. The school is a place for girls to learn to take care of themselves and do so without needing a man, as Effie did. However, now a man Effie fell in love with as a girl has returned to her life. Nicholas Montford, a spy working to protect the crown, is now the heir to the dukedom of Clarenden, as his father’s only surviving son. Nicholas is enchanted by Effie when he returns, but once she discovers Nicholas has fathered and abandoned his child, Alexandra, she decides she cannot be with him. However, Nicholas has enemies everywhere, and with even a whiff of Nick’s feelings in their senses, Effie could be in danger. Will the couple survive their obstacles and enemies?

This story carries its weight in drama and beloved romance, keeping readers invested from the get-go with this brilliant plotline. However, it becomes harder to attach to the story if one hasn’t read the other books in the series. Specific scenes and characters referencing the previous books may confuse readers who did not read them. The main characters have such a perfect depth to them though, and the author makes the female character much more likable with her empowering and stubborn qualities that are nice to cling onto. Keeping track of the timeline as readers jump back and forth between the diaries, flashbacks, and main storyline can be difficult as well. However, this second-chance romance is still mesmerizing, harnessing just enough mystery and danger to keep readers constantly wanting more.

Austen Grace