The Governess Affair

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Hugo Marshall is determined and ambitious. As a former boxer Hugo has squared off against any number of opponents and won. But Hugo has met his match. Serena Barton is tenacious and optimistic. She'll fight until she gets what she's owed.

Wrongfully dismissed from her position as governess in the Duke of Clermont’s household, Serena camps out each day across from the duke's residence, counting on gossip and speculation to force the duke to concede to her demands. As the Duke of Clermont's man of business, Hugo has earned his moniker, the Wolf of Clermont. For three years Hugo has been working towards his goal of being his own man with his own business. But for now his job is fixing the duke's problems. Specifically Miss Serena Barton.

For such a short word count, Ms Milan has packed in a completly delectable story! The romance builds slowly, culminating in a delicious love scene. Difficult as it must be for romance writers to come up with an original love scene, Ms Milan has done just that. Playful, sensual and romantic. Nor does she take the expected route for the plot and the easy option for her characters found so often in romances. The characterizations are deep, the plot tight, the romance sweet and believable.

The Governess Affair is a novella and prequel to Courtney Milan's new series, Brothers Sinister. Set in 1835 a generation before the characters in the main series, this is an introduction to what promises to be another impressive series from this talented author.

Jill MacKenzie